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Membrane Switch Panel Application

The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month brings you the application of membrane switch panels.

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The membrane switch technology has become a solution for many products such as flat membrane switches, touch membrane switches, PET membrane switches, FPC membrane switches, M/S and plastic injection membrane switches, and many more.
Membrane switches are flat electrical switches composed of polyester circuits to replace conventional control panels. Reliable and protective, this technology eliminates all the EMI/RFI issues in tough environments and during high-impact contacts. Best of all, membrane switches are more affordable compared to conventional switches.
GCC JF-240UV allows you to customize spraying on the switches to effectively simplify printing and manufacturing processes for guaranteed speedy production.
Material Print Mode Print Color Directional LED Pre-Coat Top-Coat
Membrane switches High Density


Bi-Directional 100% N/A N/A