Applicable Models
PVC Card Applications

The GCC Inkjet Application Lab of the month is glad to introduce to you the application of PVC cards.

Click here to download the video.
PVC is a commonly used material of VIP cards, membership cards, coupons, loyalty cards, gold cards, diamond cards, staff identification cards, and commemorative cards.
GCC JF-240UV’s ink layering technology increases the versatility of PVC cards; for example, its color, layering (forming a letterpress effect ) and 3D shimmer layering (graphics are created for anti-counterfeiting) effects present an elegant and luxurious design style.
GCC JF-240UV does an impressive job in the PVC card customization application as it enables you to provide your customers with various personalize and creative products in small quantities, ensuring high rates of return on your investments!
Material Print Mode Print Color Directional LED Pre-Coat Top-Coat
PVC Card High Density


Bi-Directional 100% N/A N/A