Applicable Models
ADA Signs Application

The GCC JF-240UV Application Lab of the month is glad to introduce the application of ADA signs (Braille signs). ADA signs are signs with the “raised” printing effect that have come into common use in signs, elevators, direction boards, and many more. GCC JF-240UV’s ink layering technology increases the versatility of ADA signs and shows the subtleness of products, presenting the design and style of the perfect combination of Braille signs and colors.

GCC JF-240UV creates ADA signs and boards on plastic aluminum plates, revealing a new printing application.

Note: With FlexiPRINT and Color+White, a plug-in designed by GCC, the complexity of repetitive layering is lowered via the “One-time layering” technology.

Suggested Parameters:
Material Print Mode Print Color Directional LED Print Parameter Pre-Coat Top-Coat
Aluminum board High Density


Bi-Directional 100% Braille(0.7mm), Over Coat on N/A